How much do you know us as wedding planners? Here are the 10 questions that EVERYONE (clients and vendors) make us...

Question n°1: Are you married?

This is the first of all the questions and the answer is.... Not yet :)Non ancora 🙂

When we first started this career, we put aside this dream for a while (I literally wrapped it around my finger!) and we decided to give priority to building our activity, the weddings of our clients and their happiness. We will surely let you know our next move :)

le 10 domande che ci fate più spesso: siete sposati?

Question n°2: when did you started planning weddings?

We started dreaming about Le Petit O in October, 2017. Since then, everything moved on very quickly: in December our first website was online and our adventure officially became a full time job.

Question n°3: what is the weirdest request a couple made to you?

Every couple is different from others: it has dreams, needs and goals that vary but we do never judge. The main reason for this is that behind a "weird request" the best stories hide. An example? A couple asked us to plan a "yellow wedding", just because the future Mr. has a form of colorblindness that let him see clearly only the yellow shades... It goes without saying: we fell in love with this couple at first sight.

le 10 domande che ci fate più spesso: qual è stata la richiesta più strana?

Question n°4: is it true that the brides are those really interested in all the details?

This is... absolutely false! We had weddings where the groom was way more involved and literally interested in every.single.detail.

Question n°5: will you be there on our wedding day?

Certo che sì! Vi avremo accompagnati fino a quel giorno, non vi lasceremo mica…all’altare! Anzi, solitamente siamo i primi ad arrivare e gli ultimi ad andarcene e facciamo quello che fareste voi, con lo stesso trasporto. Siamo quelli che controllano che tutto sia esattamente come ve lo siete immaginato e che tutto fili senza il minimo intoppo.

Domanda 6: avete mai avuto delle situazioni di emergenza?

Of course, and those are an acceptable part of the game only if you are used to go on with some back up plans. During a wedding we had a DJ suffering from a renal colic and, more recently, a parson who forgot to open the church for setting it up and was out on a lunch with his mobile muted. In the first case, we brought the DJ to the nearest ER and contemporary found an available substitute; in the second case we called until we finally got an answer: church was open at the very last and we helped the florist setting it up in just 25 minutes. A record.

Question n°7: how is to work with Italian and foreigner couples?

Partially is the same, partially is completely different. Wishes, hopes and worries are just the same, but foreigner couples are more acquainted to wedding planners: they better know what to ask and expect than Italians. Furthermore, since the distance is much more, foreign couples tend to trust us more and to delegate even important decisions.

le 10 domande che ci fate più spesso: com'è lavorare con le coppie straniere?

Question 8: how do couples find you?

It depends on the couple! For some of them the research begins on some search engines related to wedding, some of them got to know us on wedding blogs, other on through our social media like Facebook ed Instagram. The channel we do love the most? Your word of mouth: to know that a couple is so happy of us to recommend our services to friends and relatives makes us incredibly proud!

Question n°9: do you have a fixed team of vendors?

No and we are proud of this choice. A huge part of our job is to literally match the right couple to the right vendors, according to character, offer, style and yes, budget as well. We are always open to new collaborations but we have some "favorite" partners, those who during past weddings proved us their professional but also personal value, team spirit and the right attitute to work for a shared goal: your happiness.

Question n°10: what has been your favorite wedding so far?

We are like parents, we cannot choose a favorite wedding :) We have favorite moments that stay in our hearts as well as our couples' smiles...

What do you think? Did we answered to your curiosities? If you have further questions, write us in the comment section or send us an email to info@lepetitoweddings.com...We will be happy to answer.


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