Baronesse Tacco


      A castle with a long history, a wide property located on the Goritian Collio where the gaze can wander from Nova Gorica to Grado, from the Valley of the Vipacco to Slovenia.

      Handed down from generation to generation since 1500, this venue on the border from Baronesse Tacco of San Floriano could tell stories, loves and war like few others could.

      Today, this venue offers its gloriette, its refined panoramic gardens, its brand new English-styled greenhouse and its rusti-chic styled barchessa for events and weddings.

      Spaces to be used

      Welcome Alley


      Higher Panoramic Garden

      Lower Panoramic garden

      English-styled Greenhouse



      In the venue 2 toilettes are available in the Barchessa


      Grande parcheggio esterno non privato e non custodito capace di ospitare circa 30 auto

      Internal catering

      There is not catering service offered by the venue so it is mandatory to hire a catering service


      The venue offers 5 rooms for a total cost od €350,00. The room for the newlyweds is offered by Baronesse Tacco. Check-in time from 1pm, check-out time no later than 11am. Breakfast is not included but it is possible to book a breakfast or brunch service at the nearby restaurant DVOR.

      Pros of the venue

      • Wide spaces to be personalised
      • Incomparable panoramas
      • Nice setting for the symbolic ceremony
      • End time for the party at 3 am (from 11pm it is mandatory to party in the Barchessa)
      • Room for the newlyweds complimentary
      • Aperitivo-time furniture included
      • Round tables and thonet chairs (with vest just for the inside) included

      Cons of the venue

      • Highly requested in season
      • Wide spaces with ups and downs (be careful in case you have elderly guests or guests with disabilities)
      • A few toilettes (just in the barchessa)
      • Mandatory to have a banqueting service or to rent furniture


      A Plan: Gloriette

      B Plan: Greenhouse (up to 50 guests), Chapel (up to 25 guests), Tower (up to 70 guests)


      A Plan: Higher panoramic garden, lower panoramic garden

      B Plan: Barchessa


      A Plan: Higher panoramic garden (under the trees or on the grass), lower panoramic garden, Barchessa, Greenhouse (at night only, up to 45 guests)

      B Plan: Barchessa, Orangerie


      A plan: little gazebo

      B plan: Barchessa, orangerie (up to 50 guests)


      Plan A: Barchessa

      B Plan: Barchessa

      2023 costs

      Saturday: € 3500,00

      All other days: 2200,00

      Rooms (block): €350,00

      Rattan sofas and cushions rental: €150,00

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