What happens when a couple decides to getting married and ask for some help? Read how we managed to help Davide and Isabella with our wedding coordination service.

sposi wedding coordination D&I - Le Petit O weddings

Why did we suggest this kind of service to them

When we first met Isabella and Davide, we asked them to tell us a little bit of themselves, how did they imagine their weddings to be and what did they dream.

This couple had some very clear ideas and was surrounded by the love of their friends and relatives who did want to actively help. Everything was already there...wasn't it?

So why a couple that already has some helpers ask for some extra help from wedding planners? Very simple. Because they are getting married for the first time .

They felt overwhelmed by emotion and pressure : it was just to much to handle. When this is the situation, it is time for us to step in, put some ideas in the right order, suggesting a few missing vendors, taking a closer look to the budget and do what is necessary to make the wedding effortlessly flow.

So everyone can enjoy the day 🙂

ricevimento wedding coordination D&I - Le Petit O weddings
ricevimento wedding coordination D&I - Le Petit O weddings

What is the wedding coordination service?

The wedding coordination service is based on offering to the couple the possibility to plan their wedding on your own, but with some extra help. It's just like in a theater: if the main characters (the couple) forget some lines at some points, the prompters (Le Petit O team), help them and make the show go on successfully.

If you are curious to better understand what is the wedding coordination, we wrote a whole post dedicated to this service: you can find it here.

This is exactly what we did for Isabella and Davide: we let them organising everything, stepping in whenever they need us and making the wedding flow and stick to the plan.

 wedding coordination D&I - Le Petit O weddings

The wedding of Isabella and Davide

The venue of this couple immediately made our heart beat faster: Isabella and Davide decided to say "I do" in a theater with a botanical garden. The initial idea was to celebrate this couple's wedding en plein air, but because of the uncertain weather, we suggested to set up the ceremony inside instead...right on the stage.

We have to admit: luckily for us, we do not usually switch to plan B, but this one was surely emotional!

cerimonia teatro della corte D&I - Le Petit O weddings
cerimonia D&I - Le Petit O weddings
cerimonia D&I - Le Petit O weddings

Dopo la cerimonia, davvero toccante, anche il cielo si è rasserenato…

wedding coordination D&I - Le Petit O weddings
wedding coordination D&I - Le Petit O weddings
fedi D&I - Le Petit O weddings

Now, the true question is... Did we managed to make this couple happy after all?

Let's have the bride telling you:

Our wedding has truly been a fairy tale, the most beautiful day of our life. Thanks to Le Petit O that managed to handle the unexpected, the bad weather but most of all... my anxiety!

sposa D&I - Le Petit O weddings


Wedding coordination: Le Petit O // Foto: Fotodinamiche // Location: Teatro della Corte e Orto Botanico di Osoppo // Allestimento floreale: La Petite Fleur // Trucco sposa: to Arianna Miani Laboratorio Creative // Fedi: D&D Artigiano Orafo


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