After the 3 ideas to set your Christmas tabletoday, on the blog, we decided to show you how to set an early springtime table in 3 different styles and with 3 different ideas... all starring bulbs as guest stars.

Narcissus, tulips, grape hyacinth and hycinth: a triumph of colors and perfume that will enrich your table and cheer up your home and your meals.

Fiori primaverili

At the very beginning of February, Laura Vaccari, floral designer of Fiorificio, called us to brainstorm on an idea she had that involved styling bulbs. We couldn't say no, because we wanted to show that these underestimated flowers can be both romantic or iper-contemporary... Show-stoppers for sure. Fiorificio, ci ha contattati per proporci di creare assieme qualcosa di particolare con i bulbi e non abbiamo resistito all’idea di dimostrare che, questi fiori spesso poco considerati, possono essere romantici o iper-moderni, ma sempre scenografici.

In our studio, we created 3 different mise en place with 3 different floral atmospheres, all captured by the photographic sensibility of Erika Zucchiatti. Erika Zucchiatti nel nostro studio.

1. "Magical total white" tablescape

We designed the first tableset idea to be a portrait of a wood in the the early morning.

Laura created a delicate environment, made of birch, soft moss, sleeping snails and light white flowers.

For the styling, we have chosen a bouclè runner, crystal crockery and brass cutlery to represent a meadow covered in hoarfrost, shimmering in the early morning light.

Tavola magico total white
Chiocciole, dettagli
Segnaposto e posate
Tavola Magico Total White

2. "Colorful country.chic" tablescape

For the second idea, we got inspired by the vision of a cottage in the English countryside.

Laura brought some tiny flowerbeds to life using bulbs and vintage pewter trays. The vibrant colors and the dinamicity created by the different shapes and heights of the flowers, is like daydreaming of sipping a cup of tea in a fully blossomed garden.

We wanted to contribute with a rustic but heart-warming look. We decided to highlight the olive wood table, not adding any tablecloth and decorating it soberly with a few shabby pieces: porcelain plates with softened contours, simple yet elegant glassware and raw linen napkins.

The extra-chic touch? A flower as placeholder.

Tavola Colorato Country Chic
Narcisi e Iris
Fiori di primavera
Tavola Colorato Country
Tavola Country Fiori colorati

3. "Minimal-botanical" tablescape

Last but surely not least, we decided to go BOLD with our last inspiration, creating a very graphical but minimalistic tableset.

Laura designed a few minimal flower arrangement, with a very strong look, using the entire bulb, from the petals to the roots. The final result is a centerpiece that could be perfect both in a science or in a contemporary art museum.

For our final mise en place, we wanted all eyes to focus on the beauty of florals. For this reason we decided to use a light-blue table-cloth to create a soft contrast and crockery and glassware that almost go unnoticed. In this way, we gave the primary colors of all the flowers a real chance to stand out.

Tavola Botanico Minimalista
Fiori dai colori primari
Radici di bulbo
Centrotavola bulbi


Styling: Le Petit O // Floral arrangements: Fiorificio // Photography: Erika Zucchiatti


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