We create events that tell your story but we do this in an unconventional way.

Our goal is to offer you a complete, polished and emotional wedding…with an affordable price.

This is why we created Prèt-à-Marier. 


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The price of Prèt-à-Marier

The price of Prèt-à-Marier only varies in accordance of the number of guests you have.
Please, drop us a note to get a personalized quotation.

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Why with Prèt-à-Marier we can just invite up to 70 guests?

We love intimate weddings, those where at the end of the day we personally know each one of your guests. Our formula is based to offer all your guest the best possible experience and to you a polished and personalized wedding…at an affordable price. For this reasons, we will always advise you to prefer quality over quantity, even when it comes to the number of your guests.

What if I have more guests or I just wish something else?

Let us tell you: this is absolutely fine. Our Made to Measure service is probably what suits you best: it is an extremely personalizing service, where your imagination is the only limit. Let’s set a call to talk about how you envision your wedding day.

How sets the budget?

The budget is set by the couple and our committment will always stay within this limit (we will be even happier if we will be able to make you save something more!). Also, we we will always include our fee already as part of the budget, not as an extra

How do we know you are…the ones?

Simple, we meet up! Personally, via Skype or on the telephone, we do love to take a little time to say “Hi!” and just meet to talk about yourself, your relationship and your wedding ideas. After this very nice chat, we will prepare a complementary moodboard with some inspiration and a budget draft (which is calculated according to our experiences and partners). This will enable you to have a complete vision of our services before choosing if we are, effectively, the right couple with whom to share your amazing journey.

Why Prèt-à-Marier does not includes our wedding dresses?

Because they are a choice that is too personal to be part of a package. Someone may be ready to spend half of their budget over a dress, others may be willing to buy it online or in a thrift shop. Whichever the choice, it will be right for you! We will help you stay within the budget, giving you some insider tips as well.

What if I do not want some of the services included into Prèt-à-Marier?

This is fine as well. We will convert it into something more valuable for you instead.

Romantic Style

White Romance Collection

Pastel colors and delicate flowers.

Candles and subtle lights to enrich your “I do” moment.

LOCATION: villa / castle / garden

Country/Vintage Style

Sealed with a kiss Collection

A wedding that smells like nature, simplicity and fun. 

Designed to be inspired by the countryside and enriched by wild flowers, natural materials such as wood, rope, jute, broderie anglais and things from the past.

LOCATION: farmhouse, wineyard, restaurant

Boho Style

Wild Love Collection

A bold wedding, full of life and with a wild touch. wild.

Carpets, dreamcatchers, exotic inspirations and a thousand of fairylights will take you into a magical atmosphere.

LOCATION: garden, farmhouse, surprise

Marine Style

Waves of Love Collection

A wedding inspired by the color of sea and sand.

White washed wood meets seashells and light textures. Candles will make crystals shine in the light of the sunset…

LOCATION: seaside restaurant, beach

Contemporary Style

Modern Love Collection

Un Sì ispirato alla modernità e al minimale.

Unconventional materials and matches, to catch your guests absolutely off guard and amaze them.

LOCATION: surprise

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