An engagement session, a springtime sunset, a blossoming garden and a secret happiness.

      Let us tell you the story behind our engagement session and let us give you some useful advice to fully live this moment.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories

      When the lockdown obliged us to unwillingly set our plans aside and to suspend almost everything, we decided not to loose enthusiasm and dreams.

      And then, one day of quarantine, it happened that our name was extracted from a glass jar within 150 other names and that triggered a series of a lot of tiny huge changes.

      And while we were there postponing all our 2020 weddings, calling other vendors, match dates and re-plan love stories and necessities... We simply decided there were too many signs to ignore them and that was time to finally plan our I do.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories

      Just like we tell to our couples, we started booking the most fundamental vendors, such as venue, catering and photographers.

      Engagement session: why doing it

      If there is a lesson we've learn in these years of planning is that photos have a fundamental role and that the choice of the photographer can make a huge difference in a wedding and in the way it would be perceived and remembered in the future.

      We know so many talented photographers that choosing just one of the has been the toughest decision we've made in the early stages of planning our own wedding. In the end, we decided to book Tramontina Wedding Stories and to have them shooting our engagement session a few week after lockdown ended, so to relax and create the right bond with them.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories

      But why choosing to do an engagement session if you already know a photographer and their style? We always advise you to do so for many reasons:

      • it is useful to get closer to them to better know how they work
      • It is a great way to enables you to get useful advice to be more at ease and natural while posing (especially if, like us, you are shy and feel awkward in front of a camera)
      • it is a smart way to understand what you like and dislike, so to also help the photographer to optimise their work and to deliver perfect pictures on your wedding day
      • you can test a dress, a make up or an hairstyle and see if you feel yourselves in the pictures, eventually adjusting before the big day
      • if you intend to have a website where to share details with your guests, you will surely have some nice photos to use!

      How do you choose the location?

      For our location we have chosen a place that would create a link to our work, our interests, to the theme we picked for our wedding: Villa Romano, in Manzano.

      Le Petit O - Villa Romano Manzano

      With its finely curated garden, its variety of plants and florals, its fully blossomed roses, this villa was for us a nourishment for the heart.

      It is truly important to chose a venue that somehow speaks for you: a place holding a memory, whispering something on your relationship, a place where you feel at ease or that makes you dream.

      Le Petit O - Villa dei Conti Romano
      Le Petit O - Villa Romano Case di Manzano

      Engagement session: what to wear

      If you ask us as a couple, the golden rule is to wear something that makes you feel good. If you ask us as wedding planners, then the answer is the same, plus the fact that you should wear something matching the venue or giving tiny hints on your upcoming wedding (the theme, the color palette, the style).

      Le Petit O - Alessandra
      Le Petit O - Fabio

      We decided to go for an elegant and quite vintage style.

      Regarding the colors, we decided to opt for lighter shades able to match those of the garden we were into.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories Villa Romano Manzano

      The details you can have

      Engagement sessions can be beautiful and minimal, or containing precious details: stories within the story, memories, curiosities that the sensibility of the photographer could catch.

      A game for the two of you, to remember once in a while.

      Le Petit O - dettagli

      For example, in the picture with just two elements, there are a lot of details that speak of us and of our lives:

      • inherited family earrings
      • a common passion
      • a couple of our interests
      • our wedding theme
      • the vintage style we love

      Or, another:

      Le Petit O - dettagli
      • another family piece of jewelry, whose story you can read here
      • a fabric we will use in our wedding
      • a common passion
      • the working background of the two of us

      Or more:

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories

      Does this ring a bell?

      Ratto delle Sabine, Canova

      We could ever getting tired of telling this: details do make the difference.

      Our advice to fully enjoy this moment

      First thing first is to relax: for us it was not easy at all (we do not like to model in photos...) but having Alice and Lisa gently guiding us worked the magic quite soon.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories Villa Romano

      Focus on you and talk. No matter if you are telling your partner something romantic, you are talking about the weather or you are daydreaming about having a great pizza night like us in this picture :)

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories

      Talking will help you ice-breaking and enjoying the moment.

      The result will surely be more natural and more yours.

      Then, whenever you feel so, you can try to dare a little more! Try playing with the camera and the photographer, propose some nice shoots, test moves and ideas. The photographer will love it and you will get a great result.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories
      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Villa Romano
      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale Tramontina Wedding Stories

      Trust the professionals: they know what to do.

      At some point Lisa and Alice began to play with old mirrors, glasses, windows and light. We let them do so and they did not disappoint us.

      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale
      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale
      Le Petit O - prematrimoniale

      Indulge in some quality time for yourselves.

      The portraits are a great occasion to self explore your image in a not so ordinary way.

      Le Petit O - Fabio
      Le Petit O - Alessandra

      Finally, leave out all the rest. Be just the two of you for a while and enjoy the moment. Just like many other special moments in the planning process, this will not last so long and surely it will not be back...

      Le Petit O - Prematrimoniale


      Photos: Tramontina Wedding Stories // Make up: Arianna Miani Laboratorio Creativo // Hairstyle: GS Hairstylist // Location: Villa Romano


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