A bold Italian villa, a very passionate team, the summery natural colors, a deeply in love couple and a boho inspired intimate wedding.

This is how we created the inspirational shooting

Natural Vibes, summer elopement

Every time we look at this trailer from Juliet Creative Factory we have goosebumps...

How the project is born

At the end of May, when we finally started seeing some sparkles of getting back to normal life after Covid-19 stroke, while out doing some jogging, our minds started running wild with the thought of the nature changing color in the light of sunset, so smooth and warm.

At home, we designed a moodboard with very warm colors, where natural elements had a predominant role.

We created a very passionate and enthusiastic team and then, a week after, we stumbled across Villa Gozzi for the first time, and know immediately we had the right venue.

The venue

natural vibes - villa gozzi
villa gozzi - matrimonio intimo

The tangerine tones of this location make it bold while creating a perfect balance with the greens of the garden.

villa gozzi - dettagli

For this reason, we wanted to be consistent with the color palette, choosing a minimalist style in terms of line and an eclectic one in terms of forms and materials.

Just like a travel book.

natural vibes -dettagli
dettagli fiorificio

The florals

To Fiorificiowe gave a complex yet exciting mission: to create a floral arrangement made only of picked up flowers. We wanted that the natural vibes to explode in a concept of a more simple, sustainable and durable beauty.

bouquet fiorificio
matrimonio intimo le petit o
matrimonio intimo - le petit o

The tablescape

For the tablescape of this intimate wedding, we played with a concept ranging from rustic, to chic, to ethnic, mixing and matching different materials such as metal, banana leaves, raffia, ceramic, glass and bakelite.

la tavola di un matrimonio intimo
tavola boho

How lovely the pieces borowed by La Casa Gialla!

The stationery

With such an inspiration, we had to choose someone who truly believed in this philosophy. Carta Muriel in her tiny lab in Verona (we had the chance to visit it recently!) creates stationery where everything is heart-crafted -starting from her marvelous and eco-friendly paper.

stationery carta muriel
invito carta muriel
promesse carta muriel

The dress

If we think of a made to measure, local and boho dress, the first name coming across our minds is Vita LorussoFor this inspirational intimate wedding, we chose with her a fluid and romantic gown, with a vintage touch and a broad back neckline.

cerimonia le petit o
cerimonia matrimonio intimo le petit o
foto by Ilaria & Andrea matrimonio intimo

The make-up

Ad to Arianna Miani Laboratorio Creativewe asked to enhance the naturally Mediterranean tones of the bride, but also to create a make-up able to follow the whole mood...with an ethno-chic touch.

foto by Ilaria&Andrea
sposa vita lorusso
sposa vita lorusso

The cake

A Sugarfix had carte blanche: she created a cake with an sweet perfume and a contemporary allure, made even more enchanting by the giant dandelions from Fiorificio.

torta sugarfix
torta boho le petit o matrimonio intimo

Last, but not least, what to say about the great pictures from Ilaria&Andrea Photographythey managed to truly catch the light of that afternoon while transforming this intimate wedding into pure magic.

foto by Ilaria&Andrea matrimonio intimo
foto by Ilaria&Andrea matrimonio intimo
foto by Ilaria&Andrea matrimonio intimo
foto by Ilaria&Andrea
foto by Ilaria&Andrea
foto by Ilaria&Andrea

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet


Planning and styling: Le Petit O // Photo: Ilaria&Andrea Photography // Video: Juliet Creative Factory // Bridal Gown: Vita Lorusso - Sartoria Linea Sposa // Florals: Fiorificio // Stationery: Carta Muriel // Cake Sugarfix Udine with Fiorificio // Bridal Make-up: Arianna Miani Laboratorio Creativo // Catering: La Casa Gialla // Rental: Monaco Srl // Location: Villa Gozzi


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