How does a real boho wedding look like?

in 2019 Lara and James contacted us because they decided to get married in perfect boho style in Friuli, the homeland of Lara.

A pandemic, a civil wedding, another postponed wedding and, almost 3 years later we were finally able to celebrate these amazing bride and groom. Ready to read more?

The venue: Villa Tissano

Choosing the right venue for their own boho wedding has been a matter of pure emotion: Lara and James, following our advice, has chosen a villa in the very heart of Friuli, with a beautifully tended English garden able to make the event even more romantic and emotional: Villa Tissano. The venue, was perfect to host a unique and bold wedding reception inspired to the atmosphere of music festivals in England, where James comes from and Lara's new home.

A boho and relaxed wedding decor

The meticulous colorful and bho decoration of the place, which was created with the goal of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, was made to feel everyone at ease through the whole event.

Tavolo boho colorata per il matrimonio di Lara e James a Villa di Tissano

A special emphasis was put on sustainability, through the use natural and biodegradable materials: flower petals, minimum waste of paper (not even for the invitation, which was all digitally sent with a uniquely designed website) and recycled items, such as the vases. This has lead us to create a summery and warm party, without wasting, yet full of details.

Lara and James wanted to break away from traditional wedding norms and opted for a less formal and more fun event, where guests could have fun and dance late into the night.

Il taglio della torta di Lara e James a Villa di Tissano

The music, which played a huge role, was carefully curated by the groom himself who designed the perfect musical selection for each moment of the day, capturing the right emotions for those present.

La cena al tramonto di Lara e James a Villa di Tissano con fiori colorati e fairy lights

Florals: a universe of colors and naturality

The diktat has been: colors, colors, colors.

Simple and natural arrangements, vases rich of shades and perfumes, with a clear intent of bringing a summer field on the table.

The wedding of Lara and James was an unforgettable event, serving as an inspiration for all couples who wish to celebrate their love in a non-conventional and sustainable way. Despite many difficulties along the planning, thanks to a perfect team work and to the flexibility of all the vendors involved to adapt the original plan and to a coherent coordination, the wedding was really a success and, more importantly, the couple was really happy of the result.

Lara e James sposi felici con Alessandra di Le Petit O

Also, from England with Love, this marvelous original teapot has arrived as a gift... No caption needed on how happy I was to receive it!

If you are looking for an original idea for your wedding and you want to celebrate this special day in a unique location, do not hesitate to contact us to receive a personalized quote and discover how we can help you make your dream wedding a reality.

Planning & Styling: Le Petit O // Photography: Erika Zucchiatti Photography // Location: Villa di Tissano // Music & Light Design: The Groove Factory // Flowers: Donna di Fiori // Catering: Società Gastronomica Friulana // Bridal accessories: Paperthink // Make Up: to Arianna Miani Laboratorio Creative // Hairstyle: GS Hairstylist


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