If your planning to get married in 2021 it is time to get into business, starting from the moodboard. In this post we will explain to you how to do your own and and do we create one for our clients.

What is a moodboard?

The moodboard is somewhere you physically (i.e. a journal or a real board) or digitally (on Pinterest, in a folder of your PC) collect inspirations, ideas, colors and suggestions to help you deciding the style and details of your wedding.

Creating a moodboard is a funny exercise to start getting familiar to your taste (shared or not!) and to trying to make sense of all the ideas that will literally hit you wherever you go. You would like to have a moodboard having the following three good requirements:

  1. COHERENCE: you will notice a certain style in the whole project and some details that will be your fil-rouge ( a color, a theme)
  2. COHERENCE: you will notice a certain style in the whole project and some details that will be your fil-rouge ( a color, a theme)
  3. PERSONALITY: a good moodboard will speak about you through all the details you will choose. A good moodboard will contain pieces of your love-story and will 100% represent you.

The easiest way to create a moodboard?

With Pinterest of course!

Le Petit O weddings on Pinterest

Many of our brides start collecting ideas on this platform way before receiving the proposal and come to us with some pretty clear details in mind. In these cases, what we do is creating a shared board where we can take a look to their inspirations, give some coherence to the whole and creating for them a moodboard that will have the same requirements we have seen a few lines ago.

If you have never used this social before, here is a little step-by-step how-to guide, before moving on to how we do create moodboards for our clients.

How do you create a moodboard on Pinterest

First step is to create an account by adding your email and a password (but if you're lazy, you can enter the site using Facebook or Google's credentials!)

As soon as you got this part done, you can start personalizing your Pinterest further by answering a few question their team will ask you to know you better and to show contents and images based on your interests.

Now that it's all ready, you can start choosing the images you prefer and save them into your new board.

Le Petit O weddings moodboard su Pinterest

Remember that you can also do a manual research using the search bar of this social.

Our advice: be specific: for instance, if wish for a romantic wedding and you're looking for some inspirations related to stationery, try searching for something like "romantic wedding invitations".

As you see in the following picture, you could also add a few more keywords along the way.

ricercare idee su Pinterest

You will soon discover that Pinterest is both easy to use and very addictive!

How do we use this tool

For us, moodboards are fundamental and extremely useful: for this reason, after meeting new couples, we create a unique moodboard for each of them, whether we will become their wedding planners or not.

Even though it's a good amount of work, we do that because we believe it's a perfect way to show the couple how we interpreted their wishes and taste, to give them an overview of how their wedding could be and to give them a concrete idea to make both of them starting to picture their day... and get a little emotional too.

...That's how we do 🙂

How do we create moodboards for our clients

We start from the most important thing: you.

For this reason, it is essential for us to plan a meeting (at our studio, on Skype or on the phone): this enables us to start getting to know you and your ideas for your wedding. We will ask you whether you already planned something, what do you envision and if there are things you love and/or hate...

With all these information at hand, we will start our inspirational journey... (guess how?) Yes, by creating a board on Pinterest.

If you want to take a look at some of the boards created for some of our already married couples, you can find them on our Pinterest account https://www.pinterest.it/lepetitoweddings/

As soon as we collect all the right inspirations, we create the real moodboard, the one we will present to the couple and that will guide through every choice.

To do that, we have chosen the format of a digital presentation that we further personalize specifically for every couple, with some common points.

Let's start from the brief , the keywords of the event according to the couple: it could be your theme, a color, the idea of an atmosphere or a detail (for example: "many candles".

Le Petit O brief

From there we start with the real inspirations: from the palette (the color of the wedding) to the florals, from the ideas of the invitations, from the tablescape, to entertainment and even to the cake.

moodboard Le Petit O
The tablescape's inspiration in the moodboard of Giulia and Alessandro
The real tablescape at the wedding of Giulia and Alessandro

In this way, we guide the couples through a journey made of images that will help them picture their wedding day.

Are you ready to imagine your own wedding? Let's talk about it together! Write us to book your appointment here qui


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