If you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, here are our best Amazon finds to pamper your guests with useful and cool gadgets.

Paper parasols

Great, useful and re-usable, paper parasols are a must-have for a summer ceremony. Even though you are not planning to held the ceremony in the early afternoon, be aware that the sun would still be high and your guests may suffer the heat so this gadget could be much appreciated. In addition to this, this is such a fancy item which your guests will gladly take back home after the wedding day.

Here are those selected by our Team:  https://amzn.to/3Kw0OtQ

Le Pe-tip O

Never buy a parasol whose diameter is less than 70 centimeters, they will be too small.


In a hot day there is nothing better that providing to your guests some fans. There are many on the market but we have selected 3 options that really go well with a few trendy styles.

  • For a rustic, boho or eco-chic wedding, a fan made of paper and bamboo: https://amzn.to/3GbRb0
  • For an elegant, traditional and romantic wedding, a fan in paper and bamboo, decorated with a white tassel and inserted into an organza bag: https://amzn.to/3KaBl7U
  • Per un matrimonio elegante, romantico o anche boho, il ventaglio in carta e bambù con nappina bianca: https://amzn.to/3U9E5Ho
  • For a boho, tropical or beach wedding, a mini fan made of palm leaves: https://amzn.to/3Ku1OyQ

Le Pe-tip O

As to the professional who is charge of your stationery to print a few more tags to further personalise your fans

Confetti petals cones

After the ceremony, guests will throw petals on the newlyweds. If you are thinking about having some confetti for your wedding as well, know that there are a few options for the cones that you can prepare in advance. Here are our favorites:

Le Pe-tip O

Remember always that to ease the process each of your guests should have a cone, so be sure someone will distribute them before the ceremony. If you don't want anyone to take this responsibility, choose organza sachets that can be filled, closed and left on each chair.

Confetti petals to throw

Confetti petals are a must-have for outdoor ceremonies. Here are a few of our favorite bundles:

Le Pe-tip O

Confetti petals are light-weighted so to fly away they need a little "propulsion". You can use lavender buds for this purpose.


Truly useful for anyone held an outdoor ceremony (or reception). Everyone will love them, from guests to the bride!

Here is a link to buy them in 3 sizes (as heels are not always the same!) https://amzn.to/3K91t3g

Le Pe-tip O

Quite often these bundle offer heel-savers into organza sachets of vivid colors: buy some tiny sachets in ivory or white and substitute them all.

salvatacchi sposa

The ring box

Last but not least, the ring box. Lately, the ones made of glass and framed in gold are the prettiest so we have selected a few shapes for you:

Le Pe-tip O

Ask your florist to decorate the ring box with fresh or dried flowers: the result will amaze you!

The white aisle

Not one of our favorite because of its one-time usage. However, the white aisle is part of the imaginary related to the wedding and it is something you might want. Here is the one we have selected:

White aisle with sticker to remove before the ceremony: https://amzn.to/3ouvIdP

Le Pe-tip O

Remember that white aisles are always sold in pieces of 1 meter. You should buy as many meters as you would like to cover: for example, if you want to cover 10 meters, you should buy 10 pieces.

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As an Amazon affiliate I earn from some purchased items.


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