Choosing who to invite and making everyone happy are two of the most difficult things when planning a wedding. You should not only balance love and duty...but the budget as well. To help you we have created a scheme and noted down, during our years as wedding planners, a few golden rules to avoid mistakes.

Who should you invite to the wedding?

Let's begin with what we named (suspence...) the Guest-saver test: this simple tool will help you solve all the problems related to some guests. Try to believe.

Chi invitare al matrimonio - lo schema di Le Petit O

But why choosing the guests is so difficult?

Basically, it's because of the budget.

If you don't have an unlimited wedding budget, you will soon be aware of the fact that having more guests means paying more in terms of catering, location and entertainment.

We have already talked about it in this article : the time when it was really necessary to invite everyone is luckily over. Our advice is to look into yourselves and understand with whom you really want to share such a lovely and important moment of your life.

Yeah, we know what you are all thinking:

"Someone will get really upset by this..."

And it's true, someone will. But you do have a useful tool, which is honesty.

Talk honestly to those guests who are not on your list could be a good way to make them understand that you did not make light-hearted choices. Everything you may have decided has been the results of many hours of brainstorming and evaluation from both of you.

They will appreciate it.

Be careful with the rules regarding all +1: if you'll agree on a +1 and reject another...people will notice that difference.

All doubts related to wedding and guests won't end here. We know.

But here's the bomb: you could make everyone happy anyway, so better focus on your happiness. At the end of the day, who loves you will be more than OK just by seeing this.

bride in white vehicle

Surely, like we said at the beginning of this article, being wedding planners for a while has brought us to understand the difference between a guest who is happy and a guest who is not.

Here are a few golden rules to avoid mistakes.

Don't ask irrational economic efforts to your geusts

Destionation weddings or bachelor/bachelorette parties in exotic lands are great but make sure everyone agrees...and can afford this. It was famous the story of a bride asking their guests to pay almost 1500 dollars each for her tropical wedding (strong>here's the news

Let's just say guests were not quite happy with that request...

chi invitare al matrimonio e accontentare gli ospiti: non chiedete sforzi economici

Don't choose far away or difficult to reach venues

Driving 30 minutes is ok, but more could led guests to criticize. Our advice is always to keep ceremony and reception at a short distance. But what if your dream is to getting married in a difficult to reach venue, such a mountain retreat? Everything is allowed, as long as you think about how to make things easier for your guests: a simple transfer service to and from the location will work the magic.

Use common sense

No guest has ever liked spending 1.30 hours at 11 am on an August day for a ceremony, or waiting for the newlyweds arrival without drinking anything. Some things could be easily solved using common sense: you only need to put yourselves in your guests shoes: "how do I will feel about it?" "Will I like it?" "Will I accept it gladly?" Answer honestly and you'll know what to do.

So, if you wish to getting married outside on a beautiful and hot summer day, go for it, but remember to find a couple of solutions to keep your guests refreshed and hydrated (for example, a wedding bag with a fan and some water will get you extra points for sure!)

If you're thinking about a longer photographic session and you want your guests to wait you for toasting, that's great!, but give them the chance to drink and eat something meanwhile: a simple corner with some sliced fresh fruit and scented waters will be a success.

accontentare gli invitati - bevande fresche

Make a balanced timeline

A tight schedule, where the scenerios change fastly (and your vendors became intrusive against their will) or a schedule with many voids have to be avoided at all costs. If you opt for a morning ceremony, carefully plan the timings (let your vendors help you with that) so to avoid your guests to feel bored. If you opt for an afternoon or evening wedding, be careful not to plan too many things: to much entertainment concentrated in a few hours will make you guests feel dizzy.

Handle annoying relatives and kids

No one likes to feel uncomfortable because of others, especially during public occasions. If you have some embarrassing family members find a way to handle them in the politically-correct and discreet way. Correctly using the spaces may be enough, or just ask for the help of another relative or close friend. Another solution could be talking with some of your vendors: their experience will avoid you to worry that much.

Same goes for the kids (in accordance to their ages): the right entertainment will make parents and guests happy.

Now that you've read this article, you perfectly know who to invite to the wedding and how to make your guests happy. If you still have some questions, you can write us for a piece of advice at the following email address info@lepetitoweddings.com


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